Australian Designed and Manufactured for the Weighing Industry

Personal Scales

  • ANYSCALES Personal Scale

    ANYSCALES Personal Scale

    Chrome Finish. Both kg and lb on a clear dial. Good Size Foot Print to Stand On. Requires 4 x AA Batteries. Supplied by Associated Scale Service

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  • TCS-200-RT Personal Scale with Height Rod

    TCS-200-RT Personal Scale with Height Rod

    The TCS02-200-RT is a 200kg x 100g digital personal scale with built in height rod.

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  • FB-400 Bariatric Scale

    FB-400 Bariatric Scale

    The FB400 Bariatric Scale is designed to be easy to move and have stability for the use

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  • A&D Well Being Scale

    A&D Well Being Scale

    Featuring high weighing accuracy and repeatability the SJ-12KBS provides optimum performance at a very reasonable price. Able to weigh in kilograms and pounds & ounces, this compact unit comes fully assembled.

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  • A&D UC-321

    A&D UC-321

    UC-321 Series. UC321 – (150kg x 50g) with Target, Memory and BMI modes. UC321PC – All features above plus a data output port and Weight Diary software. UC321PBT – High capacity version (200kg x 100g) with Bluetooth Wireless Data transfer

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  • A&D PW-200

    A&D PW-200

    A purpose built personal weighing scale with a capacity of 220 kg. A displayed increment of 20 gm (0.02kg) ensures optimum accuracy. A colour scheme ideal for a healthcare environment

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  • Seca 762 and 750 Personal Scale

    Seca 762 and 750 Personal Scale

    The classic style of personal weighing , the Seca 762 and Seca 750 offer an accurate weight in areas were a rugged type scale is needed. Both types of scales come with a large clear well defined dial and a large non slip platform

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  • Seca 703 Personal Scale

    Seca 703 Personal Scale

    The multi-faceted talent with network capability. Weighing small children to obese patients – the new seca 703 can do it all. Especially when it comes to finding out BMI and height

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  • Seca 763 Personal Scale

    Seca 763 Personal Scale

    With the innovative, electronic measuring station Seca 763, both the height and weight of a patient can be ascertained injust one step

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  • Seca 769 Personal Scale

    Seca 769 Personal Scale

    A must in the medical sector: high precision and sophisticated functionality combined with cost-effectiveness. For more than one hundred years now, Seca has been developing innovative scales and measuring systems to provide optimal solutions

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  • Seca 644 Personal Scale

    Seca 644 Personal Scale

    Equipped with an extremely low-level, easy-access platform, a stable handrail, and high weight-bearing capacity, this multifunctional scale ensures safe and comfortable weighing of heavy patients

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