Australian Designed and Manufactured for the Weighing Industry

Chair Scales

  • Chair Scale (A&D Mercury)

    Chair Scale (A&D Mercury)

    The HVL-CS Chair Scale is purpose built to weigh patients who are unable to use a stand on platform scale

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  • Bariatric Chair Scale (A&D Mercury)

    Bariatric Chair Scale (A&D Mercury)

    A high capacity, large access chair scale designed and manufactured specifically for bariatric patient use

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  • Seca 954 Chair Scale

    Seca 954 Chair Scale

    A comfortable seat provides a safe position, the swiveling armrests make it easy to move the patient from the bed onto the chair scale and the fold-away footrests increase ease of operation

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  • Seca 952 Chair Scale

    Seca 952 Chair Scale

    Standing on a scale is a problem for physically disabled or older people. Chair scales are of great assistance to patients and medical staff in nursing homes, hospitals, geriatric and orthopedic departments

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  • Wheel Chair Scale (A&D Mercury)

    Wheel Chair Scale (A&D Mercury)

    The WCS Wheel Chair Scale is a highly portable platform scale specifically designed for weighing patients confined to wheelchairs

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  • Seca 676 Wheel Chair Weighing Scale

    Seca 676 Wheel Chair Weighing Scale

    Stable, functional and mobile: thanks to its large platform and sturdy handrail, the Seca 676 is very versatile

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  • Seca 644 Personal Scale

    Seca 644 Personal Scale

    Equipped with an extremely low-level, easy-access platform, a stable handrail, and high weight-bearing capacity, this multifunctional scale ensures safe and comfortable weighing of heavy patients

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