Australian Designed and Manufactured for the Weighing Industry

Scale Electronic Components

Electronic Components for Scales. This includes all the indicators, controllers as well as the peripherals that are required to ensure weighing equipment are able to work at the optimum level. Associated Scales both sources the components and thoroughly tests these to ensure we both know the limitations and to have the devices meet the required expectations. The electronics are sourced form USA (Ricelake, GSE) Europe (Avery Weight Tronix) as well as Asia with our strategic partner ANYLOAD. Load Cells are not in this category but can be found in the LOAD CELL category.



    The low cost NMI APPROVED FRN-100 is an industrial indicator, dual range.

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    The SUPPLYWEIGH FRN-120 is an industrial stainless steel indicator – dual range, this is a low cost indicator with a back light display and internal rechargeable battery. (NMI APPROVED)

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  • RL680 plus

    RL680 plus

    Rice Lakes 680 plus has replaced IQ335 and 420 plus. This new digital weight indicator includes a full numeric keypad.

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  • Rice Lake 480 Legend Series Digital Weight Indicator

    Rice Lake 480 Legend Series Digital Weight Indicator

    Advance to Rice Lake’s Legend Series—classic Rice Lake quality and design with new ideas for tomorrow. As the flagship of Rice Lake’s Legend Series, the 480 digital weight indicator has been perfected to provide the very best in performance and value.

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  • Rice Lake 1280 Series

    Rice Lake 1280 Series

    The future of business programable indicator/controller is the Rice Lake 1280, with coloured touch screen and ability to envelope growth of a business.

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  • Rice Lake CW-90X IP69K Indicator

    Rice Lake CW-90X IP69K Indicator

    For heavy washdown environments and HACCP requirements choose Rice Lake’s IP69K rated CW-90X. The CW-90X digital weight indicator features 304 stainless steel construction and the toughest keypad available.

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  • Rice Lake CW-90 Indicator

    Rice Lake CW-90 Indicator

    Ease of use, realtime data collection, and rugged stainless steel construction make the CW-90 the equipment of choice for operators, quality control and maintenance departments. Enjoy the convenience of a full numeric keypad. The CW-90 is competitively priced for all light industrial needs.

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  • Rice Lake 882IS

    Rice Lake 882IS

    The INTRINSICALLY SAFE 883IS digital weigh indicator is designed for hazardous environments, it is a safe accurate weigh reader with enhanced connectivity.

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  • Rice Lake 920i® USB Programmable Indicator Controller

    Rice Lake 920i® USB Programmable Indicator Controller

    Our 920i USB model offers the same features and benefits of our standard 920i, with the addition of integrated USB for more seamless communication with external devices. Deliver more features, more programmability, and more power for your process. The 920i combines performance-driven circuitry, simplified architecture, and customized display features to take your system further. Choose from our universal, panel mount, or wall-mount style.

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  • Rice Lake 120 Plus Digital Weight Indicator

    Rice Lake 120 Plus Digital Weight Indicator

    For offices, benchtops, or other dry work environments, the 120 Plus provides plenty of function for everyday weighing. A durable plastic enclosure showcases the attractive and easy-to-read backlit LCD display along with a full keypad for quick configuration.

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  • Rice Lake SCT-20 Weight Transmitter

    Rice Lake SCT-20 Weight Transmitter

    Each Rice Lake SCT is DIN Rail mountable within a cabinet or control panel, where it serves to convert a scale’s load cell signals to analog output, serial output, or a specific network protocol.

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  • Laser Light 2 Remote Display

    Laser Light 2 Remote Display

    The Durable Rice Lake Laser Light 2, Remote Display includes a adjustable daylight and nightlight. This Display is available in 4 or 6 inch with a time and date display.

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  • A&D AD-4406

    A&D AD-4406

    The AND Mercury AD4406 is a low cost, trade approved weight indicator that has a proven record in the industrial field. High visibility LCD 25mm in height. 1/20,000 display resolution.

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  • A&D AD-4532B

    A&D AD-4532B

    High Speed Indicator 2000Hz, Tricolour Display for control states, Design for Strain Gauge Sensors or High Speed Apllicaitons

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  • A&D 4407

    A&D 4407

    Stainless Steel, IP-65 protection from dust and moisture. Bright green V.F.D 20mm (height). Bracket standard. 1/20,000 display resolution. NMI Approved for trade use.

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  • Load Cell Juction Boxes

    Load Cell Juction Boxes

    Associated Scales Services uses signal trimming junction boxes

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  • Rice Lake 1 Load Cell Simulator

    Rice Lake 1 Load Cell Simulator

    Rice Lake’s most economically priced simulator meets the needs of basic indicator troubleshooting and testing. The Ranger 1 gives a variable range output of 0-3 mv/V.

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  • Rice Lake 5 Load Cell Simulator

    Rice Lake 5 Load Cell Simulator

    The Ranger 5 is a full-functioning simulator, well suited for more advanced troubleshooting and calibration needs.

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  • Rinstrum R420 Series Indicators (NMI Approved for trade use)

    Rinstrum R420 Series Indicators (NMI Approved for trade use)

    The R420-K402 indicator is a comprehensive general purpose indicator designed with both the installer and operator in mind.

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  • Rinstrum 5100

    Rinstrum 5100

    Rinstrum 5100 is a multi purpose indicator primarily used for Batching.

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  • Rinstrum 5000

    Rinstrum 5000

    The Rinstrum 5000 indicator is a multipurpose indicator with flexibility in the serial outputs. Both the printing and the continious output can be altered to most serial strings.

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