Australian Designed and Manufactured for the Weighing Industry
ANYLOAD 101BS Stainless Steel S Cell Load Cell

ANYLOAD 101BS Stainless Steel S Cell Load Cell

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  • 101BS complies with OIML MAA C3, Y=17 000
    (rated cap.: 300kg~1.5t) & OIML R60 C4.5,
    Y=14 000 (rated cap.:2t~10t) and NTEP
    1:3 000 Class III, single cell (rated cap.:
  • Stainless steel, welded seal construction, protection to IP68
  • Hostile or clean environment
  • ension & compression measurements, compatible with REM/REN & TEA tension hardware
  • Available Options:
    • Service temperature range up to 120℃ [248℃]
    • Available with metric and imperial threads
    • 6-wire circuit
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