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Baby Scale Carry Bag, Length Measurement & BMIF

Special requirements need consideration to ascertain the appropriate baby weighing scales

There are a few special requirements that need to be addressed when deciding on the most appropriate baby weighing scales. The standard requirements include:

  • accuracy of the scale
  • overall capacity
  • the actual physical size of the scale for which the baby is placed.

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Baby Scale Carry Bag

Carry Bag, Length Measurement & BMIF

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Seca 425 Baby Scale Carry Bag

Baby Scale Carry Bag

Seca produces a wheeled carry bag for the Seca 727 baby scales and Seca 728 baby scales.

Seca 374 Baby Scales

Length Measurement on a Baby Scale

The Seca 374 scales and Seca 728 scales have been designed to have an optional baby length measuring station fitted.

Seca 374 Baby Scales

BMIF (Breast Milk Intake Function)

Measuring the BMIF is an important function to ensure the baby is receiving sufficient breast milk. Seca has taken this requirement and facilitated this as a standard function into the Seca 374 baby scales