Australian Designed and Manufactured for the Weighing Industry

Personal Weighing and Bathroom Scales

A broad range from home bathroom general purpose scales to highly accurate, technologically advanced scales for medical purposes.

There is a very broad range of personal weighing scales. The variety is associated with needs from home bathroom general purpose scales to highly accurate, technologically advanced scales for medical purposes.

There is a vast continuum in quality and functionality of these instruments, with Associated Scale Services supplying only at the high quality end of the range. The price range is equally variable, and there are many quality products available at economical prices.

Variety continues to be a byword for personal weighing, with both mechanical and digital scales playing roles in filling the various needs within the medical and domestic markets for weighing.

  • Domestic (Bath Room Scale)
  • Medical (Mechanical)
  • Medical (Electronic Flat)
  • Medical (Electronic with Pole)
  • Medical (Electronic with Support Rails)
AD Well Being Scale


An excellent partner in good health and personal weight loss is a personal bathroom scale. An example of a high quality domestic personal scale available through Associated Scale Services would be the A&D Well Being Personal Scale. Digital readout for ease of viewing, clear and modern to mix with any bathroom decor.

Seca 762 and 750 Personal Scale

Medical Mechanical

When you need scales that can be used by all staff without any explanation, can be moved easily and are extremely robust, then mechanical scales maybe your answer. Seca is one of the best suppliers of the mechanical style medical personal scales. The Seca 762 and 750 are commonly found in doctor’s surgeries and medical centres due to their durability.

AD UC-321

Medical Electric (Flat)

Many low end products may look similar to our Medical Electronic Scales and this is the only attribute they have in common. High quality units have a completely different construction to the lower cost scales. The scales we promote at Associated Scale Services are able to be moved regularly and maintain excellent accuracy.

Elite sporting organizations and high end gyms find this to be the only way they can be sure of accurate weight measurement when it really counts to their reputation. A&D have created a perfect scale for these requirements with the UC-321 being the solution.

Seca 769 Personal Scale

Medical Electronic with a Pole

Weight Scales that promote high accuracy with extensive durability due to a high use factor can be found in the medical electronic scale with pole. This type of scale is commonly found in hospitals where a scale is in a fixed position and patients are brought to the instrument. The position of the high readout allows for ease of reading by medical staff and these instruments are a precision scale.

Associated Scale Services offer a broad selection of both Seca and A&D in this weight scale range.

Seca 644 Personal Scale

Medical Electronic with Support Rails

Ensuring safety for both staff and patients is of paramount importance to all in the health care industry. Medical electronic scales with support rails help fulfill the requirement for safety and accuracy.

The rails give assistance to people as they walk on and off the scale and are a boon to Hospitals and Aged Care facilities. Having autonomy of movement can offer patients increased dignity in a weighing situation. With a high capacity of 300kg they are also excellent for bariatric/obese patients.

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