Australian Designed and Manufactured for the Weighing Industry

Laboratory and Medical

As this industry has been shrinking in the past few years with respect to the supply chain, Associated Scale Services is committed to ensuring that the requirements will be full filled. The laboratory equipment ranges from compact balances through to micro balances, all of which can be sourced.

The field which is suffering at the moment is the medical industry with respect to bariatric and bed weighing systems. This has been taken up and will now be manufactured in Brisbane by Associated Scale Services.

Also included within the Medical/ Laboratory weighing field are items like Pipette Testers, Viscosity Analysers and Moister Balances.

  • TCSB-200-RT Digital Chair Scale

    TCSB-200-RT Digital Chair Scale

    The TCSB-200-RT is an economical accurate chair scale, this simple, easily operated chair scale perfect for patient care, including breaks and moveable arm rests and foot rests.

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  • FB400 Bariatric Scale

    FB400 Bariatric Scale

    The FB400 Bariatric scale is one of the easiest to use and safest high capacity scales available, This Bariatric Scale encompasses access via two sides and with bevelled edges, to most efficiently be used.

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  • ANYSCALES EBSL-20 Baby Scale

    ANYSCALES EBSL-20 Baby Scale

    Easy Carried. Auto Off Feature to save on Power. Easy Seen Display. 30mm Digits. Requires 4 x AA Batteries.

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  • ANYSCALES Personal Scale

    ANYSCALES Personal Scale

    Chrome Finish. Both kg and lb on a clear dial. Good Size Foot Print to Stand On. Requires 4 x AA Batteries. Supplied by Associated Scale Service

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  • Moisture Balance: Ohaus MB Series Moisture Analyzer

    Moisture Balance: Ohaus MB Series Moisture Analyzer

    Ohaus Moisture Balance: From Basic to Advanced, the OHAUS MB Series Offers Superior Performance and Great Value.

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  • Moisture Balance: A&D ML/MF/MX Moisture Analyser

    Moisture Balance: A&D ML/MF/MX Moisture Analyser

    Moisture Balance: Balances with a heating element built in to enable the determination of a material’s moisture content. Halogen globe heat source. Will also produce results for solid content and rehydration purposes

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  • A&D HR Analytical Balance

    A&D HR Analytical Balance

    A basic operation analytical balance featuring a capacity of 210g with a displayed increment of 0.1mg. Strong and reliable operational design

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  • A&D GR Analytical Balance

    A&D GR Analytical Balance

    GR analytical balances feature an internal automatic calibration function as well as an RS232 data output and data logging as standard

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  • A&D GH Analytical Balance

    A&D GH Analytical Balance

    The GH252 is a high stability analytical balance featuring an extensive semi micro gram capability. The balance is a dual range unit with a 250gm x 0.1mg major range and a 101gm x 0.01mg minor range

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  • A&D GF-K Series

    A&D GF-K Series

    High capacity top loading balances featuring high speed weighing and settling times. The GX-K series features internal calibration while the GF-K is calibrated externally

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  • A&D FX-i WP

    A&D FX-i WP

    The arrival of the FXi-WP signals a new era for A&D Mercury where we can now offer a precision top loading balance with laboratory level performance suitable for use in hostile environments to an IP-65 standard.

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  • A&D FX-i

    A&D FX-i

    The FX-i Precision TopPan range provides a host of features in a compact, light weight package. All of the traditional A&D functions are present plus a host of innovative features

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  • A&D EW Compact Balance

    A&D EW Compact Balance

    A Range of portable top pan balances featuring triple range weighing capability. The EW-i series is approved for trade by the National Measurement Institute of Australia

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  • A&D EK-i Series

    A&D EK-i Series

    A range of high accuracy, portable top pan balances. Accuracies Range from 0.01g to 1g and capacities from 300g to 6000g

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  • A&D EJ Series Compact Balance for Field Use

    A&D EJ Series Compact Balance for Field Use

    The EJ Series of compact balances have been designed around the requirements for a accurate and robust weighing system for field use applications

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  • Ear Thermometer

    Ear Thermometer

    Digital Ear Thermometer, simple to operate, accurate, reliable and compact. Ideal for home use on both children and adults.

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  • Chair Scale (A&D Mercury)

    Chair Scale (A&D Mercury)

    The HVL-CS Chair Scale is purpose built to weigh patients who are unable to use a stand on platform scale

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  • A&D UC-321

    A&D UC-321

    UC-321 Series. UC321 – (150kg x 50g) with Target, Memory and BMI modes. UC321PC – All features above plus a data output port and Weight Diary software. UC321PBT – High capacity version (200kg x 100g) with Bluetooth Wireless Data transfer

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  • A&D PW-200

    A&D PW-200

    A purpose built personal weighing scale with a capacity of 220 kg. A displayed increment of 20 gm (0.02kg) ensures optimum accuracy. A colour scheme ideal for a healthcare environment

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  • Viscosity Meter : A&D SV-A Vibro Viscometer

    Viscosity Meter : A&D SV-A Vibro Viscometer

    The SV-A is the latest addition to the family of revolutionary Sine Wave Vibro Viscometers. The SV-10 and SV-100 have introduced a ground breaking new discipline to the viscometry market with their ease of operation, high accuracy and fast testing times. The SV-A Series continues the revolution of the vibro viscometer technology. This new range […]

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  • Viscosity Meter : A&D SV-10 / SV-100 Vibro Viscometers

    Viscosity Meter : A&D SV-10 / SV-100 Vibro Viscometers

    Revolutionary range of viscometer featuring the vibrating tuning fork measurement method. The SV Series provides a fast highly accurate result and is simple to use. Ideal for non Newtonian products particularly those with a volatile nature. Two models are available with 10,000cP and 100,000cP Capacity. Newly developed Tuning-fork Vibration Method* promises you high accuracy and […]

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  • A&D HT Series Low Cost Balance

    A&D HT Series Low Cost Balance

    The HT Series of low cost balances has been designed for small portable requirements where a low cost scale is required This series is exceptional for schools as the scales come in a carry case and can be easily stacked when not in use. Battery operation means the balance can be used anywhere As the […]

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