Australian Designed and Manufactured for the Weighing Industry

Material Handling

Material handling scales are designed for warehousing applications as well as industrial applications where product is moved via a device that has a scale attached. Some items within material handling will also be found in the industrial range of weighing equipment. Due to the nature of technology this field is continually expanding with innovations happening regularly.

This field covers the bench top scales to pallet scales and weigh beams. Also included are the Fork Lift Scales and Pallet Jack Scales.

Bagging as well as material dispensing is also covered within the material handling field. Associated Scale Services, as a designing company and manufacture can create equipment within this field to improve efficiencies and over all profit.

  • PL3000 Platform Scales

    PL3000 Platform Scales

    Associated Scale Service now introduce a low cost, high qualtiy scale for the platform, pallet Scale Industry.

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  • Fork Lift Scale

    Fork Lift Scale

    Associated Scale Services designs weighing systems for fork lift scales. These system are quoted for the customer needs to ensure the correct devices is supplied for the correct application. Please contact the sales representative for further information on (07)3272 0077.

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  • ASVB Valve Bag Filling Station

    ASVB Valve Bag Filling Station

    The system is designed around optaining both the High Speed and High Acucracy.
    Customizing for specific applications is essential for the optimum performance

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  • ASOB Bag Filling Station – Open Mouth Bags

    ASOB Bag Filling Station – Open Mouth Bags

    The ASOB bagging system is designed primarily for filling open mouth type bags.

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  • ASBB04 Bulka Bag Dispensing Station

    ASBB04 Bulka Bag Dispensing Station

    The Bulka Bag dispensing station is designed to batch directly out of a bulk bag. The outlet can be design to either fill containers (as shown in picture) or attached to a bagging system to package smaller bags

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  • ASVL Valve Bag Filling Station

    ASVL Valve Bag Filling Station

    The ASVL is a low cost valve bagging station designed for products that requrie high bag rates from gravity fed silo or holding hoppers. This system allows for valve bags to be filled at rates of 20 seconds with moderate accuracy. (Fill rates are subject to product flow)

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  • 205l Drum Weighing (For Pallet Racking)

    205l Drum Weighing (For Pallet Racking)

    The drum weighing system was designed for dispensing product from the vessel while on pallet racking. A simple process that allows the drum weight to be tared back to zero and the quantity of product to be shown once dispensed

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  • A&D Dolphin Checkweigher

    A&D Dolphin Checkweigher

    Australian designed and made, Light Capacity up to 2,000g, Medium Speed – Maximum 100p/m, Compact stainless steel design checkweigher, easy cleaning & maintenance, High & Low capacity versions available.

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  • Trailer Tow Ball Weight Tester AM2508LC

    Trailer Tow Ball Weight Tester AM2508LC

    The Trailer Tow Ball Tester allows for an accurate weight at the tow ball of a trailer. The easy to use and move device is designed around industrial weighing components.

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  • Axle Weigh Pad 2t

    Axle Weigh Pad 2t

    Ultra thin weigh pad design. 18mm High.Can be used to measure axle weight and whole vehicle weight when two or four weigh-pads are connected together

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  • Axle Weigh Pad 10t/30t

    Axle Weigh Pad 10t/30t

    Ultra thin weigh pad design. As low as 19mm High for the 10t pad

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  • Axle Weighbridge (Pitted)

    Axle Weighbridge (Pitted)

    Associated Scales designs and manufactures custom axle weighing systems to allow for either single axle weighing or axle clusters

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  • ASBB Bulka Bag Filling Station

    ASBB Bulka Bag Filling Station

    Bulka Bag Filling Station allows for bulk bags to be filled accurately to a desired weight. The system shown in the photo has a vacum product transfer system but the system will attach to any silo, holding vessel or transfer system

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  • A&D HC-i Counting Scale

    A&D HC-i Counting Scale

    Fantastic value counting scale featuring 1 in 750,000 count accuracy, 99 ID memories, rechargable battery, detachable display and audible weighing assist (AWA). Capacities of 3,6,15 and 30kg are available

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  • A&D FCi Counting Scale

    A&D FCi Counting Scale

    Top of the range counting scale featuring 1 in 1,000,000 count accuracy, 500 ID memories, standard RS232 interface and second platform facility

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  • Ohaus Defender Series Bench Scale (Stainless Steel)

    Ohaus Defender Series Bench Scale (Stainless Steel)

    The OHAUS DefenderTM 3000 Series economy line of dry or wet-use indicators, bases and bench scales is ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping and receiving areas

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  • NPS Pallet Jack Scale

    NPS Pallet Jack Scale

    The NPS pallet jack scale is not just a pallet jack with load cells fitted, the design is based on a scale integrated with a pallet jack. Incorporating the ANYLOAD 563YHTH Shear Beam in the NPS68H, this pallet jack is designed to offer mobile accurate weight readings.

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  • Tow Ball Tester AM2507AL

    Tow Ball Tester AM2507AL

    Manufactured from a solid billet of Aluminium the system is light and very simple to use. This device is for the use of tow ball tongue that are fitted through a 50mm square tube.

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  • Rice Lake 920i® USB Programmable Indicator Controller

    Rice Lake 920i® USB Programmable Indicator Controller

    Our 920i USB model offers the same features and benefits of our standard 920i, with the addition of integrated USB for more seamless communication with external devices. Deliver more features, more programmability, and more power for your process. The 920i combines performance-driven circuitry, simplified architecture, and customized display features to take your system further. Choose from our universal, panel mount, or wall-mount style.

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  • PL3000U Platform Frame

    PL3000U Platform Frame

    The PL3000U Scale Frame is designed for weighing of items via a pallet jack that can be lowered onto the outer shoulders of the frame.

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