Australian Designed and Manufactured for the Weighing Industry

Food Processing Industry

This industry has had more changes in the past few years than any other part of the weighing industry. With the proximity to China, and companies like ebay and gum tree, exceptionally low cost items have flooded into the food processing industry.

What we have notices in many of these scales is that they are not electrically safe and do not conform to the electrical standards. As this industry uses many scales that do not need to pass through NMI for trade approvals there is more of a tendency to believe price is everything.

At Associated Scale Service, price is a driving force and as such we do cater for the lower end of the scale market, but the difference is that we test all the scale as well as check for all relevant electrical safety concerns.

If quality of the higher level is needed, Associated Scale Services also tests all manufacturers claims before we agree to publish them. Testing for IP levels and ensuring we know the limitations of all scales is paramount to offering the correct advice to all our customers.

  • AD-4961 Checkweigher

    AD-4961 Checkweigher

    With a newly developed digital load cell and an ultra-high speed processing module, high level precision of 0.08g (3σ)*1 has been realised.
    With this high accuracy checkweigher, you can minimise the giveaway of materials above the specified weight and contribute to reductions in production costs.

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  • Ishida INS-100

    Ishida INS-100

    The Ishida INS-100 is the perfect battery driven scale for constant movement and flexibility for use anywhere, anytime.

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  • CW-90X Bench Scale

    CW-90X Bench Scale

    Designed for extreme conditions the CW-90X Bench Scale is available for use in serveral industries.

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  • Rice Lake 480 Bench Scale

    Rice Lake 480 Bench Scale

    The 480 bench scale, can be used as a standard bench scale to being an innovative alternative within several industries.

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  • A&D Dolphin Checkweigher

    A&D Dolphin Checkweigher

    Australian designed and made, Light Capacity up to 2,000g, Medium Speed – Maximum 100p/m, Compact stainless steel design checkweigher, easy cleaning & maintenance, High & Low capacity versions available.

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  • OCS-SP-L Hanging Scale with Stainelss Steel Bowl

    OCS-SP-L Hanging Scale with Stainelss Steel Bowl

    OCS-SP-L Hanging Scale with Stainelss Steel Bowl

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  • ASOB Bag Filling Station – Open Mouth Bags

    ASOB Bag Filling Station – Open Mouth Bags

    The ASOB bagging system is designed primarily for filling open mouth type bags.

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  • ASVB Valve Bag Filling Station

    ASVB Valve Bag Filling Station

    The system is designed around optaining both the High Speed and High Acucracy.
    Customizing for specific applications is essential for the optimum performance

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  • A&D FX-i WP

    A&D FX-i WP

    The arrival of the FXi-WP signals a new era for A&D Mercury where we can now offer a precision top loading balance with laboratory level performance suitable for use in hostile environments to an IP-65 standard.

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  • Masses (Standard)

    Masses (Standard)

    Test or Standard Mass (Test Weights) can be purchased as standard masses or if needed customized values and sizes.

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  • Masses (Customized)

    Masses (Customized)

    Custom Masses can vary in size, material used or in specific mass (weight) The manufacturing department can manufacture masses from 10g to 3t

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    Postal scale produced specifically for letter and parcel weighing. AC or Battery operation. Interfaces directly with the Australia Post EPOS System.

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  • Ohaus SD Series

    Ohaus SD Series

    The OHAUS SD is a robust portable bench scale designed specifically with affordability, utility and everyday usage in mind. Ideal for home office, mail room, shipping and receiving, and general commercial and industrial weighing applications, the model SD features durable painted steel treaded and non-treaded platforms, a remote indicator with two tactile function keys, battery […]

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  • A&D HL-WP Series

    A&D HL-WP Series

    Fully stainless steel top loading balances suitable for harsh environments. Ideally suited for food preparation. Capacities range from 300g to 3000g with increments from 0.1g to 1g.

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  • Ishida IPC Low Cost Bench Scale

    Ishida IPC Low Cost Bench Scale

    The Ishida IPC may be at the low end of the pricing market but has shown over many years to be one of the better units for packaging and field picking requirements. Running off just 2 x D cell batteries and very light weight it make a great scale for the Grape and Strawberry picking […]

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  • A&D SK Water Resistant Series

    A&D SK Water Resistant Series

    The Titan SK series of water resistant scales are commonly used in the food preparation industries and kitchens where the uits requires to be washed.

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  • Ohaus CKW Series Bench Scale (Stainless Steel)

    Ohaus CKW Series Bench Scale (Stainless Steel)

    The OHAUS CKW Series Scale models are engineered for static checkweighing operations and other pre pack weighing applications—from general purpose to washdown

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  • A&D HV-HW Series Bench Scale

    A&D HV-HW Series Bench Scale

    The A&D HV – HW Bench Scale Series is used where high capacity with accuracy is needed. This is accomplished by the scale having a tripe ranging through out the capacity

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  • Ishida IW Series (Stainless Steel Bench Scale)

    Ishida IW Series (Stainless Steel Bench Scale)

    Ishida’s IW series of bench scales includes the IWB Bench Scale which are battery operated and the IWX Bench Scale which facilitates AC Power. The Ishida IW Series have ranges from 6kg through to 150kg

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  • Custom Platform Scales

    Custom Platform Scales

    Associated Scale Service Pty Ltd design and manufacture platform scale to suit customer applications.

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  • FO Series Overhead Rail Scale

    FO Series Overhead Rail Scale

    FO Series is a stainless steel over head rail system. Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia

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  • TR600 Over Head Track Scale

    TR600 Over Head Track Scale

    Associated Scale Services TR600 Over Head Track is designed as a floating system for higher levels of accuracy and protection to load cells.

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  • PB3000RW Over Head Platform Scales

    PB3000RW Over Head Platform Scales

    The PB3000 Platform Scale is designed for Extreme Wet Environments where the system is continuously around water.

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  • PB3000 Drop Center Platform Scale

    PB3000 Drop Center Platform Scale

    The PB3000 Drop Center is designed for the use of trolleys, pallet jacks and tubs on wheels to allow for a low ramp to be used

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  • PB3000 Platform Scales

    PB3000 Platform Scales

    The PB3000 is an industrial platform and is designed with a floating deck to prevent side loads causing damage to the load cells.

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