Australian Designed and Manufactured for the Weighing Industry

Food Processing Industry

This industry has had more changes in the past few years than any other part of the weighing industry. With the proximity to China, and companies like ebay and gum tree, exceptionally low cost items have flooded into the food processing industry.

What we have notices in many of these scales is that they are not electrically safe and do not conform to the electrical standards. As this industry uses many scales that do not need to pass through NMI for trade approvals there is more of a tendency to believe price is everything.

At Associated Scale Service, price is a driving force and as such we do cater for the lower end of the scale market, but the difference is that we test all the scale as well as check for all relevant electrical safety concerns.

If quality of the higher level is needed, Associated Scale Services also tests all manufacturers claims before we agree to publish them. Testing for IP levels and ensuring we know the limitations of all scales is paramount to offering the correct advice to all our customers.